Rain drops keep falling on my head. Vidya Sury

Rain rain don’t go away!

There’s something so satisfyingly special about watching the rain from indoors. Warm, cozy, safe, and with a big mug of steaming filter coffee, while the water drizzles or lashes haphazardly, humoring the wind, loitering around with it, playing with…

How to choose the right drip coffee maker Vidya Sury

How to choose the right drip coffee maker

I love coffee. As per a recent survey, apparently 60% Americans enjoy their daily coffee and make it part of their routine because they believe coffee keeps their brain active and maximizes their efficiency. I’d wholeheartedly agree. But yes,…

Best Friends Forever Vidya Sury

Because We Are Best Friends Forever

Dear T, Life is a wonderful journey where we meet souls that sync with ours. Sometimes we meet them early in life and take the journey together and there are those we meet along with way. We see them,…