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    Inspiring Quotes to Kickstart Your Day

    Inspiring Quotes to Kickstart Your Day Vidya Sury

    It has been a while since I shared inspiring quotes. I love them and collect them constantly, and every time I need a pep talk, I enjoy looking at my collection. I’ve also somehow gotten into the habit of sending my son a quote a day. Often humorous, but usually sneaking in a message. My favorites are the really short ones. Here are some that are great to look at and absorb when you start your day! Inspiring quotes to kickstart…

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  • The most important things is to enjoy yourself and have a good time Reflections AtoZChallenge Vidya Sury

    Reflections April #AtoZChallenge 2017

    As per tradition, after the month long A to Z Challenge where the participant posts on her blog every day, taking only the Sabbath off, comes the reflections post chatting about the experience,…

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    Of Weddings and Wishes That Come True

    Summer vacations during my school days always meant traveling to meet relatives, or having house guests, and invariably attending a wedding or two. It meant happy times with cousins, aunts and…

  • Sometimes The Most Productive Thing You Can Do Is Relax. Zap that Zwodder. Vidya Sury
    health and wellness tips

    Zap That Zwodder

    Okay, before you think I am slurring,  zwodder is a dialect word from Somerset and means “a drowsy and stupid state of mind”.  When that state occurs, stress isn’t far behind.…