The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 23 – The Joy Of Giving

Feb 23

The prompt for Day 23 in the month-long challenge is “Write Haiku in the form of (ABC, CDE, EFA) for the Theme or Word – ‘Joy of Giving’” 
Joy Of Giving 
A new day, new life
Is waiting for you. Accept
This wonderful gift
This wonderful gift
Is yours to cherish, enjoy
As long as you live
As long as you live
Look forward to tomorrow
A new day, new life

J-O-Y in ASL (Image from
And what good would it be if I wrote only one set, eh?
So here is one more:
The joy of giving
Encourage, appreciate
Through words and gestures
Through words and gestures
And heart-warming wishes, show
Decorates and complements
The joy of giving
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  1. Hi Vidya :)

    A lovely blog with amazing haiku …
    Enjoyed reading you! :)

  2. Vidya – you are so industrious and creative … two for the prompt. :D I had trouble with one … this cascading haiku is not my forte. Here is my Day 23.

    • Becca, I loved your haiku for today’s prompt. I actually always find that the moment I write one set, the next one just flows :D Haiku is fun!

  3. Vidya,
    You are beauty personified! Thank you for sharing your gift with words and for being you:)

  4. Wonderful and Inspiring haiku….Loved it :)

    Burning candle

  5. And it is a perfect set and pattern too..Very nice to see you writing so well ~

    Happy day ~

  6. Hi Vidya,

    Loved this one!

    Giving really is wonderful, isn’t it? It just feels great too. It’s lovely to see the reaction of the person you are giving something to, when you give a smile, share food, give a gift and so on.

    • Dear Hiten! Thank you so much for coming by! Giving is the greatest gift of all! And yes, there’s nothing that can raise our spirits more! I make it a point to give something every day and I feel blessed to be able to make a difference, however small. My dream is this: that every one I come in contact with remember me with a smile

  7. The beauty of both sets….the joy of the gift of another day and the joy of giving

  8. Awesome to see how your inspiration flows. Nice set of haiku.

  9. Vidya…2 for 1 today, eh? My favorite..
    Decorates and complements
    The joy of giving…Have a great weekend. xxoo-Fran

    • Dearest Fran, I find that the moment I write one, I want to write another and another. :-) Thank you for your wonderful words.

  10. Vidya… we’re getting 2 for 1,eh? A nice gift for the weekend.
    My favorite phrase…
    Decorates and complements
    The joy of giving
    Have a beautiful weekend :) Fran

  11. –Vidya,
    I shall now call you the Haiku Queen!!

    Love to you, sweets.

  12. I need to write that first one down and tuck it away for a rainy day…with your name to credit of course ;)

    • You know, Kim, you make me feel wonderful when you say these nice things to me. When this Feb is over, the haiku posts may cease to be regular, but I plan to dedicate a haiku for each of my friends. :D

  13. truly.. the joy of giving.. loved both your set..

  14. I have been rather busy for the past couple of weeks and I am not able to comment on your posts regularly, but this one was so wonderful, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Generosity is what we need today, of thoughts, deeds and in kind.

  15. Great haiku, Vidya! Your rising to this haiku challenge has no doubt strengthened your artistic heart! :)

    • Dear Bryan! What kind words! Earlier on, I took it light-heartedly. But I realized that I could actually frame meaningful haiku to convey positive sentiments. I am enjoying it tremendously and shall miss Feb when it is over. :-) That won’t stop me from writing haiku, except I’ll try to decorate my regular posts with it :-) Thank you so much for coming by! I really appreciate it!

  16. Hi Vidya,

    Loved the haiku, and what a great topic!

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