The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 29 – Journey

Feb 29

Today is the concluding day of  the month long “The Haiku Challenge 2012 – 29 days, 29 haikus” graciously hosted by “Someone Is Special” Saravana.  It has been a novel and amazing experience for me. 
Although I pride myself on sticking with anything I take up and seeing it through to completion, I must confess that I did have my moments when I thought I’d skip a day or two (or more) of this haiku challenge. I mean, 29 days! Gasp! Seemed like a lot of work. I focused on it though, and the editorial schedule I had proudly made for my blog went for a toss. 
I groaned under the pressure of my regular client work, health issues, domestic emergencies and social media. But I loved it. Do I regret any of it? No way. I think this is the first month since I started my blog that it has a post for each day of the month, thanks solely to the discipline lovingly imposed by the challenge. I loved seeing the comments. It was somewhat of a self-discovery for me – because although I enjoyed reading haiku, I never thought I’d attempt it with such commitment! What a memorable February in the leap year!
  • Happiness
  • Thrilled to connect with so many wonderfully artistic and creative writers – the enthusiasm is so contagious!
  • Grateful for all the support and inspiration
  • Overjoyed to have started a new habit – now, if I enjoy someone’s post, I feel like replying with a haiku. My folks think I have the haiku-mania
  • When I like someone’s blog, I dedicate a haiku
  • I’ve learned new styles of poetry 
  • I thought I’d miss the challenge when the 29 days are up, but now that haiku has become a happy habit, I don’t think so! For me, the journey begins!
  • I’ve had the privilege of fellow-bloggers sharing what I write and I am blessed to receive the love
  • This has been a wonderful experience
  • My editorial calendar for March and April are magically ready :-). So maybe I don’t always follow it, so what?
So, is it not fitting that I start today’s haiku with first, a tribute to our dear Saravana
And now, the prompt for Day 29 – a haiku based on the theme or word “Journey”
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  1. Oh yes..definitely worth the journey.

    And I take you for your lovely haiku at my blog.

    Like you, I wondered if I will finish it as I have my work and family commitments. I thought of quitting midpoint but I also persevered. Its been a pleasure to read your work and now following you ~

    Cheers ~

    • Thank you, dear Grace. And yes, I’ll be stalking you too! It has been a real pleasure to read your words, your comments. I savor your support!

  2. Oh, the trek was definitely worth it–and I’m glad you persevered to the end. Keep writing!

    Journey with My Muse

    • Dear MMT – yes, I enjoyed it and the wonderful connections I made. I really could not have kept on at it without the encouragement I received. Cheers! and do lets keep in touch!

  3. Thanks a lot Vidya, lovely conclusion at the end of the challenge yet a new beginning.. this!! Thanks for your very encouraging words..yes, lets stay in touch.. I have put another post written for 3WW.. you can contribute there have a look ..we get three words every wednesday..

  4. Vidya…..We’ve been so blessed to have you commit to 29 Days of Haiku. You took us on a journey of beauty, reflectivity, and ‘Haikuitivty’ (how do you like that for a new word?

    What you’ve reaped from this experience is magical. My favorite one of your benefits:

    “Overjoyed to have started a new habit – now, if I enjoy someone’s post, I feel like replying with a haiku. My folks think I have the haiku-mania”

    Thanks for a glorious month.:) Fran

    • Ooh, Fran, I love your “Haikuitivty”! And I love that you’ve encouraged me all along with your lovely comments. My Feb was glorious solely because of the support of my friends, and that’s you included! Hugs!

  5. It was worth it!! Last year was my freshman year in blogging and this was the very first challenge I committed to — I grew by leaps and bounds … Lessons which fueled me to continue.

    It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. :D It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~

    • Dear Becca – I sincerely appreciate your constant support. Your comments mean so much to me. I never really imagined I’d get so excited about this. Nothing like a good challenge to get that adrenalin to gush eh? The pleasure is doubly reciprocated!

  6. I’ll join you in your standing ovation for SiS–this has been so much fun! Also greatly enjoyed your journey haiku, so here’s an ovation for you as well :)

  7. vidya, definitely..! I am really happy and blessed to read you.. Special thanks for blessing haiku on all the 29 days.. Smiles..

    • Saravana – very special thanks to you. Without your encouragement, I would have never taken haiku so seriously. I owe you for this wonderful self-discovery.

  8. So glad you saw it through, and I’m exited that you’re exited about writing Haiku! Good work, you’ve been a belting challenger!!

    • Ah Andy, the greatest thing out of these collective journeys is the connections made. I am real glad we met. Thank you for the wonderful compliments. Ditto to you!

  9. You made a lovey points about this journey…Loved all your haiku…..We learned a lot in this journey…..Thanks for sharing….and All the best…I really enjoyed reading your haiku :)

    • Valli, it has been a real pleasure to read your blog too. I agree we learned a lot. And what a lovely way to learn! Thank you for visiting. I do hope you will be in touch!

  10. The journey was well worth it. I am so glad to have taken it. Happy also you saw it through…a sense of beauty and accomplishment.

    • Dear Susie, I am happy we all traveled together through this challenge. I agree about the sense of accomplishment – and appreciate that you added beauty to it :-). Do keep in touch!

  11. Congratulations! I love seeing the world through your eyes. You have a magical way of turning the mundane in life into something wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!

    • Oh Paige! Thank you for the kind words. I am happy to share what makes me happy. Those little things always happily snowball into big cheer.

  12. I love your Haiku. The journey has been well worth all efforts. Thank you for hanging in and giving us such pleasant gifts.

    • Ellecee, I treasure your compliment. I thank you for sharing your beautiful words, too!

  13. Vidya,
    Your way with words touches me, inspires me, thrills me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift so openly with all of us. I *love* the gift of your words so much that, as you mentioned here, I included my haiku permanently on my site.

    • Dearest Joy, I always cherish your lovely comments and I am very honored you included my tribute to you on your page. I feel very sentimental about it. I treasure your gesture!

  14. Worth it? I’d say a resounding YESSS. Fabulous on so many levels, my friend. The haiku’s. You. Fabulous. I salute your commitment to this venture and bow to your talents. In fact, as the month went along, you just got better and better. I never really even noticed haiku’s much until my friend Rachel over at “Totally Ovar It” started to post them. She’s really good at haiku’s too! You both just amaze me. Thank you so much for the journey, my friend. I look forward to all your future offerings!

    • Dearest Terri – I can confidently say that your loyalty and kindness made a big difference in the way I approached February. Your words have the power to motivate me so much. Interestingly, I never read haikus until Rach’s – and she’s truly wonderful with hers. I am glad I was able to see the challenge through – what a wonderful sense of accomplishment – with your help. Hugs – and I truly appreciate you!

  15. You really should continue to do these…like make it a monthly/weekly thing. Snap a picture in your neighborhood like you do on Sundays…something that inspires you and create lovely words for it. I’ll miss these if you don’t.

    • Dearest Kimberly – I owe you big time for your regular comments and encouragement. I am certainly hooked to haiku and have no intention of making you miss them. :-) I’ll be sure to include one in almost every post i write from now on. I think it is a terrific idea to snap a photo and write about it. Noted! Thanks and big hugs to you!

  16. Yes, this journey was a lot of fun! I agree that SIS did a wonderful job and deserves much praise and thanks as do all of the bloggers who participated. I enjoyed meeting so many new people and reading everyone’s entries.

    • Lolamouse, you mirror my sentiments perfectly. Three cheers for SIS and all the participants. Now, if only we could all party to celebrate!

  17. You are a very talented lady. I have been so busy this month I’m just starting to revisit old blog friends, so I missed this in real time, but is awesome!

    • Hey Pamela Gorgeous! :-) I’ve been steadily stalking you though! I am happy we’re in each other’s orbit! And what a pleasure to read your posts! Thank you for visiting – I so appreciate it!

  18. Congratulations on staying this beautiful journey this month. :)

  19. Vidya, Congratulations on this beautiful journey you’ve taken! :)