My Guest Post at Zen-Sational Living

Mar 19

My friend Sheila of Zen-Sational Living invited me to guest post on her blog.  I was delighted. Always a pleasure to visit a good friend, right? Right! 

Here is my post on her blog: 

Expanding the Mind: Let’s Learn About Indian Temples!

Now, you’ve seen Sheila around my blog. I’ve known her for a long time and it feels like we’ve met – and that’s a wonderfully warm feeling. Let me try and do justice to the amazing person that Sheila is:
  • When she welcomes you to her blog with “Come on in, take a load off, & relax!” that’s exactly what you can do
  • You can send free ecards from her blog 
  • I greatly admire her for her initiative Love Rally. Please do take a look.
  • Each time I receive an email alert about a new post by her, I just drop everything and rush over.
  • She is very supportive – an example is this time I requested her to read an epic post I wrote for her feedback – and she responded immediately 
  • I was upset – a few months ago – and cried on her shoulder and she wrote back with some superb advice, making me feel instantly better
  • Sheila is my friend, and I am proud of the way our connection has blossomed
  • I always feel the sensation of a huge hug when I visit her blog
Now, I would be ever so grateful if you would please, please come over to Sheila’s Zen-Sational Living and appreciate her!

Here is the link to my post: 

Expanding the Mind: Let’s Learn About Indian Temples!

Thank you, dearest friends. I appreciate you very, very much. Without you, I am NOTHING.

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  1. Just finished reading your guest post. AMAZING! Loved every word and picture. Can’t wait for the second part.
    Have a lovely week, my friend!

  2. Terri – you are undoubtedly the best. Thank you so much. Hugs! I appreciate the love and value it highly!

  3. Hi Vidya!

    Totally cool. Guest posts are a lot of fun! Sheila sounds like an amazing friend to have as well :)

  4. Thank you, Paula! You’re right on both counts – guest posting and Sheila. I hope you’ll read the post at her place. Cheers!

  5. it’s cool., love it., ^_^

  6. Welcome and thank you, Djawa! :-) I am so happy you dropped by!

  7. Cathy | Treatment Talk /

    Hi Vidya,

    What a wonderful tribute to your friend, Sheila and her blog. I will get over to Zen-Sational Living, and read your guest post. I’m sure it is great article.

  8. On my way to read your post!

  9. My Inner Chick /

    You. Are. Zen-Sational, Vidya :)

    Your positive spirit flows all the way over here….

    Kissssssssssss. Xxx

  10. Loved your post over there at Sheila’s! Is there going to be a part 2?