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    How to decorate your kid’s room on a budget #DIY #kidsroom

    How to decorate your kids room on a budget Vidya Sury

    My son is home for the much-awaited holidays and I am a little shocked to realize that two weeks have whizzed by in a flurry of activity catching up on various things. Of course I had been happily planning away, determined to have a good time together while also getting things done around the house. We’ve been enjoying ourselves reminiscing – simply because memories are a solid part of our lives. One of the things I’ve selfishly listed on my…

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  • #justaclickaway

    Small Space Big Living #JustAClickAway

    One of the things I’ve learnt through experience, about home décor is that – so long as we pick the things we love, we are well on our way to creating…

  • crafts corner

    Setting Up Your Craft Corner

    For a long time crafting and DiY style art was thought of as “lame” and something that only “old people” did. Thank goodness that has started to change. More and more…

  • greeting card DIY vidya sury
    DIY The Red Carpet

    Greeting Card DIY With Birgit

    I love DIY. I believe it helps me grow my soul. There’s something else that touches my soul and that is people who give, without expecting anything in return. I am…