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    Mindful Living

    Life Is All About Balance #AtoZChallenge

    Life is all about balance Vidya Sury 1

    I almost skipped writing today’s post, because of a long to-do list, added to which I secretly wanted to sulk a teeny little bit. Then I decided, why not free-write and ramble away? Writing is always therapeutic, and it would also keep me on track with the good ol’ AtoZ. Here’s why I wanted to sulk: I finally had my routine health tests done the day before yesterday and was nervous about the results, which came in yesterday. I have…

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  • Our intentions create our reality Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Intentional Living #AtoZChallenge

    Intentional living—the phrase has such a nice and satisfying ring to it, eh? I know from personal experience that when I set intentions, I am more focused through my day. My…

  • Dadirri Deep listening #atozchallenge #collectingsmiles
    Mindful Living

    Dadirri #AtoZChallenge

    Dadirri. inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. Almost everyone, with very few exceptions, will agree that Nature has the power to heal. Spending a little time with her is perhaps…

  • Cozy slippers Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Cozy Slippers #AtoZChallenge

    Do you have a pair of cozy slippers? Slippers you are really fond of? Those cushy ones, or maybe tattered ones you just can’t let go of, because they feel like…