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  • Rain drops keep falling on my head. Vidya Sury

    Rain rain don’t go away!

    There’s something so satisfyingly special about watching the rain from indoors. Warm, cozy, safe, and with a big mug of steaming filter coffee, while the water drizzles or lashes haphazardly, humoring…

  • soul mining vidya sury

    Soul Mining

    Sometimes it is good to stand still, let go, do nothing. Slow down, deviate from routine Unwind, clear the slate, grab a fresh bunch of color pencils And dream. Today is…

  • Happy Sankranthi Memories

    Happy Pongal o Pongal

    It is that time of year again when we get ready to celebrate Makara Sankranti or Thai Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. One of the most important festivals in South…

  • Smiling Badges Gallery

    Smiling at My Badges Gallery

    Or the story of what happens when a draft is unintentionally published instead of being updated. Yeah, Smile. Because it is so funny. You’re probably wondering what kind of title “Badges…