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    How to strengthen relationships as a blended family

    How to strengthen relationships as a blended family Vidya Sury

    So I’ve been offline for the most part over the last two weeks, busy with various family happenings and activities. An insect has also chosen to bite my right cheek (face—what were you thinking?) and I am sporting a really swollen face with the lymph glands kicking into protect me (according to the doctor). Anyway, that’s another post! This post is about some really pleasing news I received last week, and what with all the discussion going on, I felt…

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  • Soulmates Vidya Sury Uma


    We moved to Bangalore in 1999. Our son was one and a half years old. Rents and advance money was so high that we thought it might be a better idea…

  • Relationships are a blessing. Vidya Sury

    Relationships are a blessing

    Just a couple of weeks ago, we had to go somewhere and walked to the corner of our street to get an autorickshaw.  There is a spot where quite a few…

  • A trust built over the years Vidya Sury

    A trust built over the years

    Back in 1999, soon after we moved into this city, into our home, one of the things we wished for, was a pharmacy nearby! My Mother had chronic health issues that…

  • Fuelled by love Vidya Sury
    relationships Uncategorized

    Fuelled By Love

    I saw a video from British Airways that reminded me of my Grandmother who believed that life was all about forming deep bonds fuelled by love and mutual respect. She was…

  • PS I love You Vidya Sury

    PS I love You

    I was convinced I am not a romantic person until I met my partner. And I’ll tell you why. I was a bit of a tomboy, growing up. Blame my Uncles…