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    Reflections April #AtoZChallenge 2017

    The most important things is to enjoy yourself and have a good time Reflections AtoZChallenge Vidya Sury

    As per tradition, after the month long A to Z Challenge where the participant posts on her blog every day, taking only the Sabbath off, comes the reflections post chatting about the experience, the good, the what-could-be-better, and son on. I could sum up my reflections post for 2017’s A to Z Challenge, my fifth year, in one word: enjoyable. But can you imagine me writing a less than hundred words post? Didn’t think so! So here goes, with the long version,…

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  • Coffee Cherished Blogfest Vidya Sury

    The brew that sees me through #CBF16

    I have so many things I cherish, that I had a tough time choosing what to write about. Should I talk about my camera, which captures memories for me to cherish…

  • Vidya Sury AtoZChallenge 2016 Reflections
    Mindful Living

    Reflections #AtoZChallenge 2016

    It is time to look back at this year’s April A to Z Challenge. I almost skipped writing this post, but didn’t want to break the tradition, even though I don’t…

  • Why I blog. Vidya Sury

    Why I blog

    When Sarah Arrow (yeah, THE One) threw a mini-challenge at the members of “30 Day Blog – The Graduates” Facebook group, I jumped – quite high – because her question has…