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    Kitchens, Blogs and F Words #AtoZChallenge

    why organizing your kitchen is like managing your blog

    Or rather, why managing your blog is similar to organizing your kitchen.  Considering you spend the better part of your life these days in both places, just as important. eh? No? Okay, don’t answer that! Talk about a crazy K post! I am in the process of uncluttering my kitchen (and my blog) and in the process, had such an a-ha moment over the similarities. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, the hub of my home, just as much…

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  • Coffee Cherished Blogfest Vidya Sury

    The brew that sees me through #CBF16

    I have so many things I cherish, that I had a tough time choosing what to write about. Should I talk about my camera, which captures memories for me to cherish…

  • Vidya Sury AtoZChallenge 2016 Reflections
    Mindful Living

    Reflections #AtoZChallenge 2016

    It is time to look back at this year’s April A to Z Challenge. I almost skipped writing this post, but didn’t want to break the tradition, even though I don’t…

  • Why I blog. Vidya Sury

    Why I blog

    When Sarah Arrow (yeah, THE One) threw a mini-challenge at the members of “30 Day Blog – The Graduates” Facebook group, I jumped – quite high – because her question has…

  • Does blogging make you happy

    Does Blogging Make You Happy?

    If someone were to ask me that question, I’d jump up and down and say yes, yes yes. But honestly, there have been times when I’ve been a wee bit frustrated…