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    Gratitude and Service Therapy #GST #GratitudeCircle

    Gratitude and Service Therapy June Gratitude Circle Bloghop Vidya Sury

    Nice and tacky title, eh? As we get our various garments in a twist over who should register under the GST—Goods and Services Tax—Act, I know one GST that is mandatory for everyone, age and gender no bar. Gratitude and Service Therapy At least in my book! Mmm. Hmm. I am smiling all the way as I write this gratitude post. Not feeling apologetic for not posting it on Thursday. Not saying June has been an easy month, but as…

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  • A wake up call Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury

    My wake up call #GratitudeCircle

    This is perhaps my most important Gratitude post. We all know how easy it is to feel grateful when all is well. But when life throws a series of shockers without…

  • Good Vibes Only Vidya Sury Gratitude Circle

    Good Vibes Only! #GratitudeCircle

    It has been an eventful month as usual, busy with work and other things on the home front. I continue to be grateful for all that I have and particularly, for…

  • Vidya Sury Feb Gratitude Circle

    Gratitude is like a flashlight

    A week ago, my internet service provider sent me a warning to let me know that I was on the verge of exceeding my quota, and suggesting that I buy extra…

  • happiness vidya sury

    Happiness is Homemade

    When Darla tagged me for the Eight Photos of Happiness bloghop, I was delighted. I love photos. Every photo I click feels like a story, a precious package of memories that…

  • love is all around us
    Mindful Living

    Ubuntu – I am Because We Are

    “I am because we are” The Ubuntu philosophy: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” I connected with Michelle Wallace of Writer in Transit last year. Then…