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    Knitted Tales A Collection of Emotions by @rubinaramesh199

    Book Review KNITTED TALES A Collection of Emotions by Rubina Ramesh

    I am thrilled to read and review a book written by an author I admire as a person and a friend. What can I say about this powerhouse of a woman that you don’t already know? Rubina Ramesh is the superwoman who runs The Book Club and tirelessly promotes books and authors. She takes her commitments very seriously and sometimes, I wonder if she sleeps at all–because no matter when I message her, she replies, even though she lives in…

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  • The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman Book Review
    Book Review

    The Smitten Husband by @sundarivenkat

    Any book of best-selling author Sundari Venkatraman is guaranteed to be feel-good, even if there are tense situations along the way. The Smitten Husband was a quick and cozy afternoon read on…

  • 0302 mainak dhar book review vidya sury
    Book Review

    03:02 by @MainakDhar

    Feeling a little overwhelmed with my to-do list, I indulged in a wee bit of self-pity yesterday. I missed my Mom more intensely than ever, because she had a wonderful way…

  • An autograph for Anjali Book Review 2
    Book Review

    An Autograph for Anjali @SundariVenkat

    Book review of An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman I am delighted to review best-selling author Sundari Venkatraman’s latest book, “An Autograph for Anjali”, a romantic suspense novel, which I…