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    Intentional Living #AtoZChallenge

    Our intentions create our reality Vidya Sury

    Intentional living—the phrase has such a nice and satisfying ring to it, eh? I know from personal experience that when I set intentions, I am more focused through my day. My intentions motivate me to do all that I’ve planned, and I forge ahead enthusiastically. This is especially true for our daily routine, when we start the day with a clear mind. With all of us juggling our own special to-do lists and trying to win the race against time,…

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  • Lets practice the GLAD technique. Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Practice the GLAD technique

    Life is busy, life is hectic. You’re pretty sure you’ll never ever see the day when you can say “My to-do list is all checked off and I am going to…

  • Focus Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    The F Word

    Focus. (And what did you think?). Yes, Focus. Not FOMO. So hard to do and so necessary for getting things done. The ability to focus varies from individual to individual –…

  • Focus vidya sury
    personal development


    Dear Vidur, At this point, as you tackle the long list of entrance exams and the rigorous preparation that goes into each one, life can seem overwhelming and what you need…

  • routine vidya sury
    personal development

    Routines, A Blessing

    With the rush, rush, rush everyone seems to be in, it is hard to find that “me” time we all crave for, those minutes that make us happy. But you know…