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    How to Navigate Negativity and Create Happiness

    Create happiness Vidya Sury

    When we are able to make others happier and more successful, we feel happier too. We’ve all been told countless times “You can’t change other people.” But this societal belief is not only disempowering, it is, perhaps surprisingly, scientifically FALSE. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to researcher and bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness, Michelle Gielan. Michelle, along with her husband and famed TED presenter, Shawn Achor are partnering with PBS for an INSPIRE HAPPINESS television special that started airing in…

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  • 6 proven steps to instant happiness

    6 proven steps to instant happiness

    I’ll bet that almost each one of you went into reflection mode in the last week of December, 2016 to take stock of the year gone by and contemplated—maybe even evaluated…

  • Turn down that noise Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Turn down the volume, unplug, listen

    So much noise Inside our head Our thoughts Our to-do list Work commitments Social media Twit, twit, Twitter Facebook Disturbing news A million things Fighting for space Space so scarce Turn…

  • When it comes to Blessings Vidya Sury

    When it comes to blessings

    When it comes to blessings, there are a million things I am grateful for on a daily basis and I record these in my gratitude journal. I only have to open…

  • Coffee Cherished Blogfest Vidya Sury

    The brew that sees me through #CBF16

    I have so many things I cherish, that I had a tough time choosing what to write about. Should I talk about my camera, which captures memories for me to cherish…