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    There’s Always Time for Love #InspiringWomen

    There is always time for love Vidya Sury

    Women are amazing. Especially mothers. No matter how busy, how exhausted, they always find time for love. Don’t you agree? I see it all the time. I saw it in my Mom, my friends. And it is charming to see no matter what their status, women always find the time for their loved ones. A few weeks ago, I went to the Karnataka Chitra Santhe, which is basically an open-air art gallery where artists display their work along the streets surrounding…

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  • Celebrating Women Vidya Sury

    Celebrating Women #InternationalWomensDay

    I am excited that this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: #PledgeForParity Go ahead. Take the pledge. Add your voice! The official website encourages us to “celebrate the social, economic,…

  • MadeOfGreat Vidya Sury

    She was #MadeOfGreat

    My Grandmother was undeniably #madeofgreat It is true we meet people throughout our lives, people who make an impact on us and shape us into who we are. But there’s always one…

  • Hope Vidya Sury


    Dear Vidur, Hope is perhaps the most important emotions human beings live on. Not for nothing has it been said that “Hope Springs Eternal“. And it should. Had it not been…

  • learning vidya sury
    Inspiration Mindful Living

    Inspired Learning

    I am always amazed at how, when we keep our minds open, we can learn something or other from someone or other. The trick is to be conscious, mindful. We can…

  • desiderata vidya sury
    Inspiration personal development


    It is true what is said about seeing farther when we stand on the shoulders of giants. Some classic poems are so full of wisdom and life lessons that it is…