It is Day 11 and the prompt is: write a haiku inspired by this image:

Day 11:
She gifted him sight
Gave the windows to her soul
Love is indeed blind.
He borrowed her eyes
Through them she saw again, the
beauty of this world
Pledge your eyes today
leave a legacy that will
make you immortal

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 11 – February 11th – Theme: Paint the Image
Inspirational Image by: Narayana Nethralaya

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  1. Terri Sonoda Reply

    Vidya, that was just lovely…beyond words. And the picture was breathtaking. You have such a beautiful soul, I believe, my friend. HUGS

    • Thanks, Terri. I am sensitive about sight especially as I have severe astigmatism and short sight :D!You say such lovely things – Hugs!

  2. Evelyn Lim Reply

    I enjoyed this one about sight and vision very much! Keep it going!

  3. I like the way how you have used this prompt, Vidya ji. Sight is a blessing for which we can’t thank enough!

  4. It took me awhile before I could understand what was happening in that picture, but I loved your haikus. I thought the second one was especially powerful with the strength of its imagery and the lovely message. Well done!

  5. My Inner Chick Reply

    I shall title you the “”Haiku Queen””

    Xxx Wonderful.

  6. Can i just say that I look forward to reading these every day?

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