Self Love: Did You Hug Yourself Today?

Contents hide Self Love Self love is not always easy! And here’s what I learned about self love I started writing this post, almost scrapped it half way because I thought I was digressing a lot – and then, figured it was okay to think aloud over here. Also, I would love to hear your views about the subject, self love. Recently, I was chatting with my friend. I asked her…wait…let me copy paste an excerpt: Me: Hey.. one funny thing. Have you ever looked at something you wrote – and wondered how you came up with it? I in – rather impressed you wrote it?She: I must confess – a couple of times. why? Me: Simply. I feel that way and feel sheepish. Sometimes I can’t believe I can write that stuff. Dunno where the words come fromShe: 🙂 I was feeling foolish to answer too Me: Hugs. no need. if we don’t appreciate us, who will?She: I think we read and absorb so much more than we realize Me: We have such a problem with that mirror, no?She: Yes – after all the ‘work’ on ourselves and so on. Have you ever felt that? Looking at something … Continue reading Self Love: Did You Hug Yourself Today?