I have the privilege of guest-posting on the A to Z Challenge blog today. I’d love to hear your feedback on this post where I offer 20 tips to leverage social media for the A to Z Challenge and beyond! Here’s the post:

“Do You leverage #Socialmedia for #blogging? 20 #atozchallenge Tips”

With the April A to Z Challenge coming up, there’s excitement among the participants and those wondering whether they should give in to the temptation of signing up and joining this mega blogging party.

Those of us that waited for the sign up link to go up and pounced on it are enjoying the madness of planning, deciding themes and resolving to write our posts and schedule them as much as possible, so that April is a month for connecting and interacting instead of fretting over what to write. This is right in sync with my favorite quote:

Fail to plan and you plan to fail!

So as part of #TeamDamyanti, I am co-hosting a Theme reveal blog fest – a hop within the A to Z Challenge hop where we’ve invited A to Z participants to sign up for the linky (sign up now) and start visiting people even as we wait to publish our post on March 21, revealing our theme for April. Makes sense to build our community before the challenge so that your blog is abuzz even before April, right?

And yes, having a theme is a very sensible idea! I am participating with two blogs this time – and will be having a theme for my health blog Your Medical Guide – simply because it is easier. For this blog…hey, wait. I’ll reveal all on March 21, so stay tuned!

Even as we prepare for the A to Z Challenge, we all know that there is far more to it than writing the posts. These days, we have powerful tools to connect and interact and one of them is social media. The good news is, once you create your profile on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn, there are a number of ways to amplify your presence. You can be omnipresent by simply leveraging a few strategies which are practically a one-time set up, freeing up precious time to actually interact and engage with other bloggers. And absolutely no need to stress yourself out!

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A to Z Challenge – All about connecting

In my post at the A to Z Challenge blog, I have shared what I’ve learned, and use, to manage social media. You know, social media need not stress you out! Focus on the fun.

Here’s an excerpt.

A blog hop is all about interaction, making friends and getting to know new bloggers. The #AtoZChallenge is a readymade opportunity to connect, interact, and take your blogging motivation to new highs.

So you’ve signed up for the A to Z Challenge (do it now if you haven’t), and perhaps even the  A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest where you join a huge group of AtoZers to post your theme reveal post. You’re also busy outlining your posts and scheduling them for April, so you can be free to party.
Yes, it is a month-long blogging party that will change your life forever!
So, besides visiting other bloggers, how can you amplify your blogging presence?
Use social media!
Social media is a great way to attract new readers and engage with your existing ones. As bloggers we cannot afford to ignore social media.
If you’re still wondering why you should use social media…it helps you
·      invite collaboration opportunities
·     get a book written (yes!)
·     create community
·     make new friends
·     get gigs 
and so much more!

Please continue reading “Do You leverage #Socialmedia for #blogging? 20 #atozchallenge Tips” at the A to Z blog and do let me know if you have something to add! After all, we’re all in this to learn from each other! Click the image below to read:

20 social media tips

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If you are an A to Z participant, please sign up for the Theme Reveal bloghop here.

Above all, no matter what you do……

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