Hearing Loss: Taking Good Care for Healthy Ears

Contents hide Sensorineural Hearing Loss Conductive Hearing Loss Mixed Hearing Loss How to Take Care of Your Ear Health? A few months ago, a family friend had a baby. Of course we all rejoiced. A month after the baby was born, we were worried about her lack of reaction to sounds. Babies generally use their hearing to absorb the world around them. And hearing helps them learn language as it stimulates brain development. That is why doctors check babies for hearing loss at every visit so that they can identify problems and take action as soon as possible. Hearing loss and impairment can be due to genetic issues, disease, infection, trauma or environmental factors. There are many types of hearing loss that develop as a result of these factors and others. Here is information on some common types of hearing loss, how they develop, how they can be prevented and often treated. This is followed by tips to take care of your ear health so you can keep your hearing intact for as long as possible. Sensorineural Hearing Loss Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), or sensory hearing loss, is a product of inner ear or hearing nerve damage. Prolonged exposure to … Continue reading Hearing Loss: Taking Good Care for Healthy Ears