Kindness. Always Possible!

Contents hide Kindness habits to practice Kindness quotes that inspire  What random act of kindness did you do today? I heard “be kind whenever possible. It is always possible” from my Mother and my Grandmother long before I read it as a Dalai Lama quote. They lived that quote throughout their lives and proved by example that no act of kindness is ever wasted. I consider it my privilege to have grown up in a family where generosity is a way of life. Regardless of how individual each member was by nature, there was one thing they all had in common – kindness and generosity. They never hesitated to take the shirt off their backs to give it away, feed the hungry and speak kind words. Often, I would secretly wonder if they weren’t behaving like wimps – and I am ashamed now that the thought even crossed my mind. I now realize what strength it takes to always practice kindness even when other less desirable options are justified. As my uncle still says – “I never want to go to bed feeling bad about being nasty to someone. I enjoy sleeping in peace.” I am pleased that my son … Continue reading Kindness. Always Possible!