The Power To Play

Sentiment is a crazy thing. I was walking around our place yesterday looking for something when I came across a stash of Vidur’s toys tucked away in a cupboard. Reminded me of all the happy hours we had spent as he grew up, thoroughly enjoying ourselves as much as, if not more, than he did. While chatting with him last night, I reminisced about those days. After listening to me patiently for a little while, he said something that touched my heart. He said – why not give other children the power to play by giving away my toys? For a second, I was stunned and I’ll tell you why. Just two days ago, I received my regular newsletter from where I sponsor a child, and one of the headlines that caught my eye was their focus on play throughout the month of August. Play is such an important part of childhood. In fact, as I often told my son when he was little, it is their business to explore and feel free to experiment. Play unleashes the imagination while building crucial skills such as problem solving and creativity, in the process. I remember how Vidur used to turn a couple of … Continue reading The Power To Play