Chocolate Meditation

What better way to welcome 2016 in the Mindful Mondays series than with chocolate? Yes, you’re welcome. So I bring you, *drumroll* Chocolate Meditation I am serious. Look, here is the thing. Mindfulness is all about appreciating every little thing and living in the moment, being present. It includes mindful eating. Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays – Anonymous Wherever you look these days, especially if you’ve got “health goals”, you can’t help but notice the never ending “eat this, not that” lists. But in spite of reading labels sincerely, following all kinds of rules, and eating right, weight management is still the Holy Grail for some of us. Have you wondered why? Apparently there’s more to eating right than just nutrition. It also matters how you eat. So how do we eat right? Through mindful eating. When we eat mindfully, we appreciate each morsel of food. I came across chocolate meditation in the book Mindfulness by Mark Williams, where he offers a step by step ritual to experience the pure joy of mindful eating. Now, I am sure chocolate is a vital part of your life. No, I won’t believe you if you deny it. Why, even I, with … Continue reading Chocolate Meditation