Inner Smile

After one of his teachings, The Dalai Lama was asked “what can we give you?” He beamed at the audience. “That’s easy, “ he said, “Just give me your smiles. It makes me feel good when I see people smile at me. And if you smile at each other that would also be very good. So please give me your smiles.” I love that! According to the Inner Smile concept, when we smile, the world smiles back at us.  That’s great, but the idea is to begin with ourselves. When we are happy, we make others happy! How to practice Inner Smile? When we direct our smile inward, our body feels loved. Smiling triggers the relaxation response within our body, relieving us of stress and tension. Pretty much like cuddling a little child who feels much better after you kiss her pain away! Here’s a step by step guide to practice Inner smile meditation Sit comfortably Make sure your back is straight Keep your shoulders relaxed and your head balanced, with chin tucked slightly inward. Just like that photographer tells you to when you go click a pic. Allow your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth Now start the … Continue reading Inner Smile