The Long Spoons #WednesdayWisdom

Life has been busy and eventful and so, it feels like Wednesday just went by, before another one appeared! Today’s Wednesday Wisdom story is from China and one of my all-time favorites—simple yet profound with a wonderful lesson. If you have/know kids, please do share it with them. The Long Spoons Once upon a time (don’t you love it when a story begins like that?) there was a little girl. One night she had a dream where an angel appeared and said, “Would you like to see the most beautiful place on earth?” Of course, the girl was excited. “Sure,” she said, “Where is it? How can I reach there?” Said the angel, “That’s easy. Close your eyes and I’ll take you there. But on one condition. First, we must visit the ugliest place on earth.” Puzzled, the little girl asked, “Why? Why would I want to see the ugliest place on earth?” The angel replied, “If you want to understand beauty, you must sometimes see some ugliness. Now close your eyes and let’s go!” The little girl closed her eyes. Music started to play. When she opened her eyes, she looked around and saw a large room, beautifully decorated. … Continue reading The Long Spoons #WednesdayWisdom