25 easy ways to stay motivated when you want to give up

Is your life hectic? Do you feel overwhelmed with your schedule? Does your to-do list look endless? Do you find it hard to stay motivated? I could go on and on…but did you say yes to any/all of those questions.  I did. Maybe not all the time, but often, right? The thing about motivation, as Zig Ziglar says, is it doesn’t last. We have to find ways to get back to our happy place. One exercise my Mom taught me When your spirits are low or when you doubt the outcome of your efforts, take a sheet of paper. Recall three/five things that always make you happy or make you smile.  Store these away in your mind so you can look at this whenever you feel low. As you grow/go through life, you can always replace these three/five things with even happier stuff that makes you feel good. Point is…even though we might want life to be ideal at least most of the time, meltdowns are a fact of life. But why depend on others? Why not help ourselves? It is all about how we respond to these situations and stay motivated to carry on with all that we want … Continue reading 25 easy ways to stay motivated when you want to give up