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  • How to choose the right drip coffee maker Vidya Sury

    How to choose the right drip coffee maker

    I love coffee. As per a recent survey, apparently 60% Americans enjoy their daily coffee and make it part of their routine because they believe coffee keeps their brain active and…

  • 7 reasons to make laughter a habit. Vidya Sury

    Go on. Laugh.

    Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I certainly do. In fact, I thrive on laughter most days. Whether it is giggling over that daily dose of online cuteness, or having a…

  • World Hug Day Vidya Sury

    Hug and be happy

    It is World Hug Day! And no one can deny how wonderful it feels to be hugged – at least occasionally. I have a couple of friends who totally veto hugs,…

  • The miracle of place guilie castillo oriard

    The Miracle of Place @Guilie73

    As promised yesterday, I am thrilled to welcome my friend and fabulous writer, Guilie, back here to celebrate her love story as part of her new book launch tour. More info at…