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    Down Memory Lane to A Villa In Coimbatore

    Memory Lane Villa in Coimbatore

    I was probably five years old when our joint family of 30+ members slowly started dispersing. Marriages, new jobs, job transfers—all the usual things. We lived in Mumbai. My Grandmother’s brothers lived in the family estate very close to our place with their rather large family, and of course, the houses were like extensions of each other with Mom’s cousins constantly visiting or staying over. Around this time, five of her cousins got married in one huge rather grand ceremony.…

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  • The BFF trees The other side

    The BFF Trees #ThursdayTreeLove

    Can trees be BFFs? Yes! I love gardens. I love trees. I love spending time outdoors. And yes, occasionally i enjoy playing hooky at work. Every time we have a guest,…

  • STOP. Just breathe. Hugger Tree. #Trees #Nature #ForestBathing

    Hugger Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

    Stand tall and proud, Go out on a limb, Remember your roots, Drink plenty of water, Be content with your natural beauty, and enjoy the view. So many lessons to learn…

  • My Mother and I #AtoZChallenge #Relationships #Mom
    #AtoZChallenge relationships

    My Mom and I

    Dear Mi, When I think back to the times we spent together, I can’t help but smile and occasionally burst into laughter. Your sense of humor was so very charming and…

  • Frenemy. Who is yours? #Relationships #AtoZChallenge #parenting #friendships
    #AtoZChallenge parenting relationships


    I first heard the word frenemy three decades ago. I thought the teenager who used it had made it up, and thought it was quite clever, as it made so much…