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    Girl Power

    Girl Power #DIY #Crafts #Travel

    During my trip to Ranchi last year, I visited the Hundru Falls (yes, post coming up). On the way back from the gorgeous waterfalls after a lovely morning, I saw a some interesting sights. Of course I’d stop to look each time, and my friend would look exasperated and urge me on. Half way to the main entrance, a movement caught my eye, followed by laughter. Naturally I had to stop to investigate, and this delightful sight met my eye.…

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  • 10 Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Old SmartPhone. Repurposing turns things into other things which is a lot like magic. #technology #repurpose #reuse #tips #smartphone

    10 Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Old SmartPhone

    Technology changes at lightning speed, especially when it comes to smartphones. And chances are, like me, you’ve got an old cell phone or three tucked away, collecting dust in your drawer.…