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5 Easy DIY Home Decor Hacks To Save You Money

5 Easy DIY Home Décor Hacks To Save You Money #homedecor #diy #savemoney

Do you like to save money where you can? I do. It is not a question of being rich or poor. Thanks to the economy being what it is, and incomes not rising at the rate they should, we just can’t afford to waste any of our hard-earned money. Besides being conscious about spending, we also try to teach our children to do the same. While regular expenses – both one-time and recurring – are a constant, every once in…

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Girl Power #DIY #Crafts #Travel
Travel DIY

Girl Power

During my trip to Ranchi last year, I visited the Hundru Falls (yes, post coming up). On the way back from the gorgeous waterfalls after a lovely morning, I saw some interesting sights. Of course I’d stop to look…

10 creative ways to use flour sack towels #DIY #Crafts #ecofriendly

Rediscovering eco-friendly multi-purpose flour sack towels

I’ve been sorting out my closets (yes, plural) and have been gathering the multitude of cloth bags I’ve collected over the years. Some came with clothes I bought while I’ve sewn quote a few. They are solid multi-tasking items…

10 Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Old SmartPhone. Repurposing turns things into other things which is a lot like magic. #technology #repurpose #reuse #tips #smartphone

10 Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Old SmartPhone

Technology changes at lightning speed, especially when it comes to smartphones. And chances are, like me, you’ve got an old cell phone or three tucked away, collecting dust in your drawer.  Lucky you if you have been able to…

“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” 4 tips to give your garden a quick makeover #gardening #tips

4 super-easy ways to give your lawn a makeover

This is the result of a long phone call and a little envy. Ever notice how, when you start coveting something, you start seeing it everywhere? The marketing gurus call it selective perception. For as far as I can…