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Sign the Zero Tolerance Contract With These Ten People

Sign a zero tolerance contract with these ten people

Sometimes, we have to take stock of the people in our lives to see if we need to sign the zero tolerance contract with them. And every once in a while, we must ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions if we want to be happy. What are we willing to tolerate when it comes to our relationships, our career and life in general? How much are we willing to take? Are we okay with putting up with people who sabotage our…

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10 tips to get back to your happy place #happiness #selfhelp
Self Love

10 tips to help you get back to your happy place

Have you heard of the medieval practice of torturing people by being “drawn and quartered”? This outdated technique, which was intended to inflict great amounts of pain on its victims by pulling their bodies in different directions, has long…

Charlie Chaplin Poem on Self love #selflove #atozchallenge
Self Love #AtoZChallenge

Self Love

April 16 marked the birth anniversary of one of our most beloved comedians, Charlie Chaplin, who starred in silent films from 1920 to 1950. His iconic mustache and hat, and his humor are his trademarks. He has thrilled millions…