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Are you too nice for your own good? (5 reasons you shouldn’t be)

Are you too nice for your own good?

Having a shortcoming pointed out is never comfortable in the best of times but being accused of being too nice for your own good always stings a little more. I should know. I believe every one of us is a bit of a people pleaser in varying degrees. And when someone says you are too nice it is not really a compliment. It is a sign that you need to take action to make some behavioral changes. “Sometimes being too…

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Will you live your dash?
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Will You Live Your Dash?

I read The Dash over twenty years ago when a friend sent it to me. I was both excited and overwhelmed at the simplicity and profound meaning within. So much that I wrote and pinned it where I can…

Horses Mindfulness and To Dont lists
Mindful Living

Horses, Mindfulness and To Don’t Lists

Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it. One day, a horse suddenly came galloping down the road. It looked like the man on the horse had to get somewhere really quick. His friend, who was…