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9 Tips To Kickstart Your Retirement Savings Plan

9 tips to kickstart your retirement savings plan today

…because it is never too early to start planning for your future and build your retirement savings plan. Really! Every time my bank manager pays a visit to “take stock” of our investments, such as they are, it freaks me out a little. It gets me thinking—before I know it will be time to stress over filing income tax returns, pay insurance premiums and also budget for the coming year. There used to be a time when I never worried…

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Will you live your dash?
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Will You Live Your Dash?

I read The Dash over twenty years ago when a friend sent it to me. I was both excited and overwhelmed at the simplicity and profound meaning within. So much that I wrote and pinned it where I can…

Horses Mindfulness and To Dont lists
Mindful Living

Horses, Mindfulness and To Don’t Lists

Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it. One day, a horse suddenly came galloping down the road. It looked like the man on the horse had to get somewhere really quick. His friend, who was…