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    15 years blogging and Smiles to go before I sleep

    15 years blogging and smiles to go before I sleep #blogging #smiles

    So many things happening over the past week. The Dalai Lama turned 83 This blog turned 15 My health blog turned 10 From the time I began my career, July has always been a significant month– new job, major life changes. I brainstormed with myself over what to write, mainly because I haven’t really written anniversary posts–except last year. Somehow 14 seemed significant and I wrote: 14 Cherished Gifts from 14 Years of Blogging 14 cherished gifts from 14 years…

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  • Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood Vidya Sury

    Destination Dreamhome

    Remember my recent post about dream houses? Last Saturday, I was invited to view Prestige Glenwood, a Prestige Constructions property here in Bangalore! When we first moved to Bangalore eighteen years…

  • Casa Grande Dream Home Vidya Sury

    Are you living in your dream home?

    From the time we are capable of thinking coherently, each one of us starts building our dream home – inside our head, at any rate. It could be triggered by a…

  • 6 proven steps to instant happiness

    6 proven steps to instant happiness

    I’ll bet that almost each one of you went into reflection mode in the last week of December, 2016 to take stock of the year gone by and contemplated—maybe even evaluated…