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Spread some verbal sunshine #WorldComplimentDay

Compliment someone today! Vidya Sury

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa Compliments are extremely powerful and we never know when we can change a life with a few words of appreciation. For all you know, you may have said something complimentary at the right moment, resulting in lifelong motivation. Sadly, even though people love to receive compliments and the benefits are well-known both for the giver and receiver, people are not generous with them.…

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Compliment Someone Today. Vidya Sury

Compliments, Peanut butter and Laughter

If that’s not a good combo, I don’t know what is! Today, January 24 is such a special day. It is earmarked for National Compliment Day, National Peanut Butter Day and Belly Laugh Day. Perhaps there’s more, but let’s…

dream vidya sury


If you can dream it you can do it Walt Disney Dear Vidur I actually wanted to pick the word “Do” but after Attempt, I thought “Dream” would be a better idea. You know, when I was around your…

Be Vidya Sury atozchallenge


Dear Vidur, Can you believe I got so stuck with too many words for B that it suddenly occurred to me that “be” would be just fine! “Be” lends itself as a prefix to so many qualities and possibilities,…

finding the light within vidya sury

Finding the Light Within

Some days can be so frustrating. Everything that can go wrong, will. Murphy’s Law – remember? The power fails The batteries can’t charge The phone doesn’t work The taps leak The day won’t go as planned Life comes to…