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Maria’s New Hat

Maria's New Hat. Wednesday WIsdom story

This inspirational story is about Maria’s new hat. Maria is a young lady who lives with her Mom in a small apartment. An average woman, she was on the secretarial staff in a large company. Her routine was quite mundane. Her colleagues generally ignored her at work and the ones that did notice, let her know that they considered her boring. Maria accepted this and pretty much kept to herself, carrying on with her work. One morning, she was on…

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Are you a good friend
Relationships Wednesday Wisdom

Are you a good friend?

A good friend is someone we all want–someone who’ll have our back always. We’re often told to keep away from those who drag us down. But that isn’t always easy, especially when we share so much with them. Is…

You are you and I am I. Let's celebrate the difference.
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

You are You and I am I

We all have a tendency to hold on to the idea that others should be doing our thing—that they should see things as we see them, do things as we do them. Why? Of course, if someone should question…

My soul has a hat
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

My Soul Has A Hat

I read this beautiful poem called My soul has a hat and I wanted to share it with you! My soul has a hat I counted my years and realized that I have Less time to live by, Than…