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Don’t ignore the weeds in your garden

by Vidya Sury April 11, 2024 0 comment
Working on your garden

Spring is here. Like me, maybe you are considering starting a garden. I came across something online that led me down the rabbit hole of researching what vegetables grow best in my climate, and which ones are easy to grow. I must remember not to ignore the weeds.

The thought and anticipation of harvesting my own veggies and greens over the summer is exciting. The idea of sprinkling a few flowering plants among the veggies seems wonderful. I visualize sitting in my balcony, enjoying the sight of these.

Have you been fantasizing about this, too? Planting your summer garden?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just visualize the outcome and have it miraculously appear as you watch?

But as with everything in life, to see the results we want, we need to put in the work, to create the beauty within us and around us.

When weeds invade the garden, they suck up the nutrients meant for the vegetables and flowers, depriving them of the space and nourishment they need to grow. The weeds strangle the new roots, preventing them from spreading out. As a result, the plants fail to thrive and eventually die.

I cannot think of a better analogy for our lives than the garden and gardening.

When we do not take care of things that hurt us (weeds in our lives), we find it hard to grow, explore new opportunities and create healthy relationships. Those weeds just take over our lives and keep us stuck. We repeat the same old patterns because we did not clear out the old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that keep us stuck.

Why do we ignore the weeds?

One of the reasons is this. It is painful to go back and look at those areas where things are not beautiful. We prefer to focus on beauty and ignore those things that do not bring us joy. After all, they are uncomfortable and no one wants to experience that.

However, we will never quite enjoy the beauty if we ignore the weeds and do not tend to them. We have to pull out the weeds to plant fresh, healthy plants.

What do we do with the space created by removing the weeds?

We fill this space with love, new opportunities, and all those things that enable us to honor our lives on earth. We plant new flowers and vegetables there and allow them to blossom. We nurture these plants by watering them and caring for them, giving them the attention they deserve.

And just as we surround ourselves with the healing energy that lets us all shine bright and flourish, we surround these plants with the same healing energy.

Do not ignore the weeds in your garden brown and black bench on garden

Now, keeping this in mind, I urge you to reflect on the following questions:

What is stopping me from tending to the weeds in my garden?

How different would my life look if I took action on those things that keep me stuck?

Don’t ignore the weeds ♥

There is increasing evidence that exposure to plants and green space, and particularly to gardening, is beneficial to mental and physical health…Why does gardening seem to be so beneficial to health? It combines physical activity with social interaction and exposure to nature and sunlight. Sunlight lowers blood pressure as well as increasing vitamin D levels in the summer, and the fruit and vegetables that are produced have a positive impact on the diet. Working in the garden restores dexterity and strength, and the aerobic exercise that is involved can easily use the same number of calories as might be expended in a gym. (Source)

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