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When You Buy New Shoes, Wear Them Well!

by Vidya Sury June 24, 2021 3 comments
When was the last time you bought new shoes

Just yesterday, I was reflecting on how it has been a while since I went out to buy new shoes or any other type of footwear for that matter. On that note, I looked into our shoe shelf wistfully at all the pairs that have just been sitting there the past year.

The only footwear we’ve been using are the house slippers we wear at home because we’ve hardly been going anywhere. When we step out to go to the gate to fetch something, we wear the same thing and come back and wash it thoroughly.

So when I looked at my favorite pair of sneakers, sandals, pretty pumps, and more, I yearned to wear them. Naturally, this made me feel nostalgic about all the fabulous shoes I’ve owned.

One in particular was a pair of sneakers that I truly loved. See, the thing is I have big feet. I always find it hard to find the perfect pair of shoes because most of them are narrow in front and I find that very uncomfortable. In spite of this, I once bought a pair of four-inch heels deciding to brave it out, which hilariously just split on me, much to my embarrassment.

Then there was another pair that simply fell apart in the heat of the city I was visiting at the time. I remember being both shocked and annoyed because I did not carry a spare pair with me. In the end, I just ripped off the soles that came apart and walked around in what was left.

Since then I have stuck to comfortable flats and diabetes-friendly MCR-soled footwear that is cozy on my feet. And of course made it a point to pack an extra pair of shoes when I traveled.

The thing about shoes is . . .

No two people wear their shoes in the same way. Personal interests and activities of choice will largely dictate what kind of shoes you wear, and for what reason. No matter what shoes you wear, I have learned through experience that it is crucial that you ensure a correct fit to ensure that the shoes do not wear out before their time.

Remember this when you buy new shoes

So the next time you buy new shoes, remember the following:

Pretty shoes are not always good shoes

Just because you love what a pair of shoes looks like – just think about that gorgeous pair of Nike shoes for sale that you spotted that time – doesn’t mean that they are going to be right for what you need them to do.

When you go out on a mission to buy new shoes . . . and find the right pair of shoes for sale, always bear in mind the reason why you buying them. If you are a runner, pick a pair that will support your feet and frame in all the right places for running. The same goes for walking, hiking, or quite frankly, even dancing!

What is their job?

Quality often doesn’t come at a bargain, and if you are going to be investing the amount of money that it takes to get a decent pair of shoes, doesn’t it simply make more sense to spend the money on something that you know has the structural integrity to last ?

There is absolutely nothing worse than finding what seem to be the perfect pair of shoes, only to have them fall apart after only being worn a few times! I have firsthand experience of this! It is worth noting that this is, surprisingly, not due to the shoes being of poor quality as much is it is due to shoes being worn for the wrong job.

Imagine taking headache medication that is known to be good and still within its expiration date, and hoping to treat an upset tummy with it – it’s just not going to work. The same principle applies to shoes. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can lead to poorer performance in your activity, not to mention the fact that you put yourself at risk of injury and malfunction!

Get the best quality you can afford

The one item of clothing you will not be able to do without, is a pair of shoes. They support and protect your feet as you go about your day, and switching your shoes per activity will ensure that you get the best performance out of yourself and the shoes.

However, bear in mind when you buy new shoes that different brands make shoes according to different standards, so expecting one brand to be the same as another in terms of price, service delivery, quality and performance is unrealistic.

Oh, and another thing: whatever your brand of choice may be, make sure that you always try them on before buying, as buying  the right size will also be a huge contributor to how your shoes function (and how well they last!) in the long run! There is no substitute for trying a pair of shoes on in real life to ensure optimal comfort.

Can’t wait to go buy new shoes!

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Adrian at Best For My Feet July 5, 2021 at 2:52 am

You said it right Vidya … “pretty shoes are not always good shoes”. Sometimes we go for the best-looking pair of shoes or boots and we later find out what a bad decision we’ve made (especially if the brand we’ve bought is not a reputable one) or simply we bought the wrong ones for our needs!

Great post! Very helpful.
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William at@shoesknowledge November 29, 2021 at 6:06 pm

Vidya you made it easy for us to buy new shoes by sharing this. I wish everyone could read this before going to buy pair of shoes. People like me who are mostly buy shoes online surely read this and then make their decision.
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James at Best For Foot September 12, 2022 at 1:42 pm

Vidya amazing information. A complete helpfull guide who are looking for a good pretty shoes.
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