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Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Mission Collecting Smiles #AtoZChallenge

Mission Collecting Smiles AtoZChallenge 2017 Theme Reveal Vidya Sury

The A to Z Challenge is just around the corner I’d so love to do it I swear upon my honor This is my fifth year Laughing from A to Z How could I not be here And set my words free? I have no computer Nor is my internet stable My work is all but gone Morose, I sit at the table I couldn’t access my blog I sought my friend’s help To keep up with my editorial log…

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marching ahead vidya sury
Positive thinking

Marching Ahead to #StartANewLife

The harder I work, the luckier I get. If there’s truth in that statement, then I must be the luckiest soul on this planet. March marks a very big anniversary in my life. So let’s start at the very…

move on vidya sury
Positive thinking

Move On #ThatsWhatSheSaid

I was sharing my Triberr mates’ posts when I came across Katy Blevin’s post about a fun blog hop “That’s what she said” – where we write a post around a quote by a woman. . Each week we will…

never give up vidya sury
Positive thinking

Do You Give Up Easily?

“Don’t give up” is a mantra I grew up with and over the years, have reaped the benefits. Oh, I’ve certainly felt like quitting sometimes, but something within me would always tell me to go on. My Mom always…