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100 I am Affirmations to Increase Your Confidence

100 I am affirmations to increase confidence

Decades ago, I had a boss who would urge us all to gather at the end of the day and say “I can, I will, I must” Of course we found it funny but chanted it anyway. Little did I know that it was my first I am affirmation and that it would be stuck in my head forever. Gradually, I realized that saying it did increase my confidence and my self-belief. Credit for I am affirmations in my life…

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marching ahead vidya sury
Positive thinking

Marching Ahead to #StartANewLife

The harder I work, the luckier I get. If there’s truth in that statement, then I must be the luckiest soul on this planet. March marks a very big anniversary in my life. So let’s start at the very…

move on vidya sury
Positive thinking

Move On #ThatsWhatSheSaid

I was sharing my Triberr mates’ posts when I came across Katy Blevin’s post about a fun blog hop “That’s what she said” – where we write a post around a quote by a woman. . Each week we will…