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Finding Zen at the dentist’s office – A parent’s guide to zapping your child’s fear of dental visits

parent's guide to zapping your child's fear of dental visits

Ever heard of white coat syndrome? It is the fear of visiting doctors (and of course, dental visits). Or just about anyone wearing a white coat. Now most adults are terrified of dental visits—so let us not even talk about kids. To prepare them for their first, second or subsequent dental visit, parents can take measures beforehand and vanquish that fear for good. After all, oral care is important and dental visits are unavoidable—so why not make it a happy…

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How to help your teen choose the right university

How to help your teen choose the right university

It is that time of the year to choose the right university–when high school kids and their parents are freaking out over the board exam results, entrance exams—done and forthcoming—and finally, picking the appropriate courses. And for the lucky…

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How to enjoy stress free travel with kids

During my childhood—we’re talking about the 60s—we usually traveled by train and bus. Joint families, traveling with kids. My Mom always made sure I carried a blank notebook to write down my experiences—essays about the trip. And that kept…