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8 Practical Tips To Help Children Enjoy Reading To Develop Language Skills

8 tips to help children enjoy reading

I would be the first to agree that raising a reader is crucial. When we help children enjoy reading, it also helps them develop language skills. I am lucky that my son is a natural bookworm and has a formidable collection of books. We were also glad to watch him grow enjoying reading and were secretly relieved he never found computer games appealing.  Fortunately, we are a family of book nerds and were able to provide him with an environment…

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And then one day Mom just woke up
Mindful Living Parenting Wednesday Wisdom

A Mom’s Awakening

This week, I want to share a lovely little story about a mom’s awakening. I wanted to write about a wonderful meditation practice this week for Wednesday Wisdom and I had almost finished writing it up. Just then, one…

12 Valuable parenting lessons I learned the hard way 1

12 Valuable Parenting Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Parents want to be perfect. I was no exception. As I attempted to be perfect, I learned 12 valuable parenting lessons the hard way. I also learned perfection is a myth. I always go into reflection mode during summer—when…