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    Food Tales That Never Fade

    vidya sury food tales

    Some Food Tales just never fade, do they?  The year was 2001. I like to call it the decade of the guests. Our house was quite like Liberty Hall. We always had a house guest or two. Or three, or five. Or even seven. One would arrive and appear to attract a couple more. There’s no explanation for it. I suspected it was my Mom’s cooking, her sweetness, her hospitality and showering of love, making people feel like the folks…

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  • bring your teddy bear to work

    Did You Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work?

    Yes, that’s what it is today. Bring your teddy bear to work day. It is also World Octopus Day. And Pet Obesity Awareness Day I’ve never taken my teddy bear to…

  • coffee vidya sury

    What Is Your Coffee Personality?

    I just love coffee. That’s not news, is it? I even mention it in my bio everywhere – that’s how important coffee is, in my life. I even included it in…