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    Social causes

    Have you pledged your organs? #OrganDonationDay

    Organ Donation Day. Have you pledged your organs?

    One of my Mom’s fondest wishes was to donate her body to a medical college when she passed away. Every time she mentioned this, we’d nod along assuring her, yeah, we’d do it. Of course, we took no further action. Nobody expected her to pass away. Then in Feb 2010, after being rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung and put on life support for a week, she passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. Naturally, I wanted to carry out…

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  • Feed your neighbour
    Social causes

    Being The Change #SpreadTheVibe

    Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi “When I grow up, I want to eradicate hunger” My Mom always smiled lovingly when I said that.…

  • Vidya Sury Aham Bhumika
    Social causes

    Will You Help

    I must have been almost two years old when my Mother and I were hurriedly shuffled to the railway station at Delhi and put on the train heading to Mumbai. It…

  • No one ever became poor from giving. It is International Day of Charity. Give! Vidya Sury.
    Social causes

    Give and Grow Rich #CharityDay

    I believe that each day is an opportunity to do something good and help someone who is less advantaged than I am. Today, the UN has designated September 5, as International…

  • Power to play vidya sury
    Social causes

    The Power To Play

    Sentiment is a crazy thing. I was walking around our place yesterday looking for something when I came across a stash of Vidur’s toys tucked away in a cupboard. Reminded me…

  • change a life childfund
    Social causes

    The Power to Change a Life

    My heart is full today. So are my eyes, but that is another story. I am alternating between rushing around, getting my son ready to leave for college and sitting down…