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World Suicide prevention day. you matter. Vidya Sury
Social causes

Living is for everyone #SuicidePrevention

Last month, we accompanied our son to complete his admission formalities at his college up North we stayed for a week. In that short time, one night, we heard a commotion in one of the hostels. The guest house…

No one ever became poor from giving. It is International Day of Charity. Give! Vidya Sury.
Social causes

Give and Grow Rich #CharityDay

I believe that each day is an opportunity to do something good and help someone who is less advantaged than I am. Today, the UN has designated September 5, as International Day of Charity to commemorate the anniversary of…

Power to play vidya sury
Social causes

The Power To Play

Sentiment is a crazy thing. I was walking around our place yesterday looking for something when I came across a stash of Vidur’s toys tucked away in a cupboard. Reminded me of all the happy hours we had spent…

Vidya Sury WASH Coca-Cola
Social causes

Tackling the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Crisis

Water is one of the six basic nutrients along with carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals for the human body, which is 70% water and is critical for survival. Our bodies need sufficient hydration to stay healthy and prevent…

change a life childfund
Social causes

The Power to Change a Life

My heart is full today. So are my eyes, but that is another story. I am alternating between rushing around, getting my son ready to leave for college and sitting down and crying. My Mother often said that nothing…

daretostare vidya sury
Social causes

Being the change because I #Dare2Stare

We take our eyesight for granted, don’t we? Until the fear of losing it looms large. Then, it becomes a matter of changing the way we see the world, and our lives in it. It is scary to think…