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Feed your neighbour
Social causes

Being The Change #SpreadTheVibe

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi “When I grow up, I want to eradicate hunger” My Mom always smiled lovingly when I said that. Her advice to me was “don’t stop thinking that…

Vidya Sury Aham Bhumika
Social causes

Will You Help

I must have been almost two years old when my Mother and I were hurriedly shuffled to the railway station at Delhi and put on the train heading to Mumbai. It was a two night journey. All we had…

World Suicide prevention day. you matter. Vidya Sury
Social causes

Living is for everyone #SuicidePrevention

Last month, we accompanied our son to complete his admission formalities at his college up North we stayed for a week. In that short time, one night, we heard a commotion in one of the hostels. The guest house…