Book Review

The Secret Ingredient by @kdfisher_author – Book Review

The Secret Ingredient Book Review

I am happy to be part of the blog tour for the book The Secret Ingredient by K D Fisher on book launch day and thank NetGalley for an advance review copy of the book to read and review. Title: The Secret Ingredient Author: KD Fisher Genre: Contemporary Romance Imprint: Carina Press (Carina Adores) On Sale: October 27, 2020 Format: Paperback (ebook and audio also available) ISBN: 9781335957146 The Secret Ingredient by K D Fisher – Book blurb For single…

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Parenting Product and Service Review

ZEE5 Eduauraa: Premier Digital Learning Platform – a review

EDUAURAA premier digital learning platform a review

This is a review of Zee5 Eduauraa Premier Digital Learning Platform. If there is one gift parents can give their child, it is the gift of education, because good quality education is the foundation for a bright future. Indeed, knowledge is power; it empowers the learner to constantly improve themselves and sets them up for success. Education has come such a long way. Before the internet, besides the structured learning at school, the only other resource we had was the…

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Personal development

How to Sneak Exercise into Your Day (7 Easy Ways)

7 easy ways to sneak exercise into your day and stay healthy

With a recommendation of at least at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week for adults, where do we find the time? How to sneak exercise into your day? More to the point, what activities can help us accomplish this requirement when many of us are working from home and feeling just as exhausted as if we were taking the daily commute? Of course, many/most of us are falling short of…

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Parenting health and wellness tips

How To Cope with Teen Depression – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment – How Parents Can Help

How to cope with teen depression recognizing the signs

The teen years are filled with social, emotional and mental challenges with pressure to fit in with peers while keeping on top of academic performance. Unrealistic expectations both at school and at home can create a sense of inadequacy and disappointment, and lead to the feeling that life is unfair. Add to all this, the information overload via the Internet does not help. Becoming moody is common while experiencing growing pains. But teen depression is more than being moody and…

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Gratitude Mindful Living

Smile please! (2 gratitude exercises to try today)

Smile, please!

Yes, smile please! Turn that frown upside down! September, my birthday month went by in a happy haze of fitness classes, lots of cooking, marathon phone calls catching up with friends and continued conversations, some work and a birthday I am absolutely grateful for. I spent any free time binge-watching Hawaii Five-O on Amazon Prime. I also made a resolution that I would not sweat over the small stuff. I found myself becoming just a teeny bit irritable over small…

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