How to leverage the power of compounding the ULIP way

ULIPs and the power of compounding

As we worry about survival during this pandemic, we also worry about our investments taking a hit. I want to share why investing in ULIPs and leveraging the power of compounding is a good idea right now. The economy is a mess and all we can do is be patient and wait for the market to look up. We hope that will happen sooner than we imagine. While discussing this with my investment advisor a couple of days ago, he…

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Parenting health and wellness tips

11 positive approaches to raise healthy eaters

11 approaches to raise healthy eaters

How to raise healthy eaters is one of the hottest topics among parents. During my son’s school days, in my interactions with other parents, their most common complaints was about their children’s eating habits. Of course, everyone wanted to raise healthy kids with eating habits to match. Every parent wants to feed the family foods that are not just nutritious—but foods that the family enjoys and looks forward to meal times. And that’s not really the Holy Grail. I know…

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Relationships Personal development

20 Priceless Mothers Day Gifts for Mom. Cost = 0

20 mothers day gifts you can give mom

I’ve quickly put together 20 delightful Mothers Day gifts your mom will love, and won’t cost you a dime. But you really don’t need a special day to celebrate Mothers Day, right? Moms are special and deserve to be honored every single day. And yet, we don’t always get around to doing that. We love them, but we love to take them for granted. And maybe that is why Mothers Day is here to remind us, nudge us to make…

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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Be the pebble 3-step powerful mindfulness meditation

Be the pebble step by step meditation

Here is a step-by-step Be the Pebble mindfulness meditation for stress relief. We live in stressful times. Besides the usual stress agenda, we now have the added problem of a pandemic sweeping the world. Be the Pebble meditation may be just what you need right now – at least for some temporary stress relief. Meditation practices focus on the breath to build concentration and mindfulness. It gently brings you back to the present moment. When you focus on your breath,…

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#AtoZChallenge Reflections

Reflections A to Z Challenge 2020

Reflections a to z challenge 2020_Fotor

It is time to reflect on this year’s A to Z Challenge. Four days after the A to Z challenge 2020 wrapped up for this year, it still feels strange not to be freaking out over publishing a blog post for the letter of the day! My 8th year with it. In fact, I quite miss it as I enjoyed the rush of writing daily. Of course, mid-month there was a point when I wondered if I should just fizzle…

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