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How to let go of grudges to be at peace (14 helpful tips)

How to let go of grudges to be at peace

Everyone, at some point in life, finds themselves holding on to a grudge because it feels justified. To let go of grudges is easy. Even when it appears justified, no good can come out of holding a grudge. What is a grudge? A grudge is a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury. a feeling of resentment harbored because of some real or fancied wrong. Thing is, nursing a grievance is human and…

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What is the blame game? How do you stop playing the blame game?

What is the blame game? How do you stop playing the blame game?

In life, things often don’t go the way we expect. And when that happens, it is easier to play the blame game, that is, by blaming someone else for what happened, rather than take responsibility for it. It takes less energy to point fingers at someone instead of admitting the truth to ourselves. Consider this: Do you enjoy playing the blame game? Do you often find yourself feeling grumpy? Does it always feel like everything is someone else’s fault? Do…

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Mindful Living Self-care Wednesday Wisdom

Do you take things too personally? (1 trick to help you stop doing it)

Do you take things too personally

We all tend to take things too personally at times—and some of us, more than others. When this happens, some of us deal with it better than others. Taking things too personally does not bode well for any relationship—whether at work, with friends, with a partner, or in a parenting relationship for many reasons. When we take things too personally, we simply put our feelings at the mercy of others, regardless of whether they attacked you personally or not. And…

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Hiring Your First Employee? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Consider

Hiring your first employee 7 things to consider

If you’re planning on hiring your first employee but don’t know where to begin here are some tips to ensure you make the right hire. Whether you’re just starting out or you have been running your business successfully for years, hiring your first-ever team member is a big step to take. While it may be overwhelming at first, there are lots of questions you can ask yourself to help make the process as simple as it can be. From deciding…

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My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

My blessed life Gratitude Circle

Another lock down month has gone by.  I am enjoying my weirdly normal blessed life. I have nothing to complain about. Unless one counts the not being able to go out as usual. But since we understand the need to be safe, that is perfectly fine now. In fact, I am thinking that even when the lock down is lifted, it is not going to be completely safe any time soon and I am quite happy with having to stay…

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