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Shift Happens #GratitudeCircle

Shift Happens. August 2019 Gratitude Circle blog hop

Shift happens in so many ways. Can you believe I’ve been sitting on this post even though I’ve been busy writing? It isn’t as though it is difficult, since I keep adding points throughout the months. It’s the little things, isn’t it? Yep. Yet. Shift happens. All kinds. Ups and downs. Some days were downright sh*t. Everything that could go wrong, managed to go wrong. I was sulky. Then I laughed it off because, after all, I must practice what…

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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Do you choose happiness?

Do you choose happiness

Choose happiness. How many times have we been advised this? But there’s a point you know. Attitude is everything. We can wake up and say, oh, I can’t believe it is so cold! Or we can say, oh, wow, what a great day to try on my new boots! Agreed that it is hard to stay positive all the time, but most of the time, we can pick the option that makes us feel just a little better than the…

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Is your child safe when you see him/ her off in your car, unaccompanied?

Family safety: Is your child safe when you see him/ her off in your car, unaccompanied?

“I just sent my daughter off unaccompanied in my car. Will she be safe?” “My mother is elderly and not always lucid. Will my driver reach her safely at my brother’s?” “My driver has gone to pick my son up. They should have been back by now. Where are they?” How safe is your family when you wave them goodbye after they get into a car? This is one of the top most questions  in almost every parent’s mind. For…

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3 reasons Inspiring Women in Business rock

3 reasons why inspiring women in business rock

There are some truly inspiring women in business in this world. From the ones who are becoming champions in sports with disabilities, to the ones who are standing up for climate change, to our local women in business making a difference. But the ones who we think take top spot, are the ones becoming influential businesswomen. Being in business is so tough, and up until recently, it seemed to be something that men were dominating. Just the thought of going…

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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Is your inner child alive and well?

Is your inner child alive and well

Last week, I went to see a flower show. More than the flower show, which is the highlight, what spoke to my inner child was the peripheral activity. There were food stalls, displays, and vendors who sold a variety of stuff from toys to gardening implements to decorative items to—you name it and it was there. Best of all, was the sight of the balloon sellers, the giant bubble makers, and all the other children-stuff around. And of course, the…

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