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How to use the 100/0 principle

How to use the 100/0 Principle

I read this beautiful book titled “The 100/0 Principle” by Al Ritter whose premise is this: Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? Relationships are an integral part of our lives—at home, at work and just about everywhere. Each time we meet someone, we start a relationship where we can present our best selves…or not. We have to admit that good relationships make life happier and more enjoyable. When we think about how we interact with…

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How to start coping with grief and move on (11 tips)

How to start coping with grief and move on with 11 tips

Coping with grief feels complicated, but there are many ways to get started. In exactly one month, it will be ten years since my Mom passed away. And while life goes on, there are days when I feel as though I am nowhere near getting over it. Some days the pain is so intense I wonder how I am surviving. When I lost her, I lost my Mom and my best friend. We miss her every single day and are…

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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

What if we treated each new day as a fresh start?

Treat each new day as a fresh start

As we usher in a new year, a new decade, I think it is important that every day is a new day. A fresh start. So maybe we’re eating breakfast with the same people. Or going to the same job and working with the same people. In fact, maybe not much has changed in our routine as we’re still doing all those things we did yesterday. Still, there’s no arguing the fact that today is a completely new day. We…

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Life Happens, Coffee Helps. Always

When life happens coffee helps

It’s been a mixed month as usual. The colder weather means severe sinus headaches, the possibilities of colds and infections—and in short—life happens. We try and manage as best as we can as we focus on all the good things. It’s weird though. I am usually organized but the past few weeks have overwhelmed me, what with falling sick and being in pain and doctor’s visits. And here I was, happily thinking of my son’s visit and singing “all I…

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A stranger passes by

A stranger passes by - Wednesday Wisdom series

The poem “A Stranger Passes By” is such a poignant example of how we are sometimes guilty of taking our loved ones for granted and skip showing them the courtesy they deserve. I remember, more than a decade ago, my son asking me why we are always so particular about saying “sorry” or “thank you” to strangers when we are out but at home, we just take our family members or even friends for granted. Mom brings a cup of…

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