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7 Ways To Master Your Self-Discipline

Self discipline importance benefits tips to build it

This post is about self-discipline, Its importance, benefits and 7 ways to help you master it With January gone by in what seems like the blink of an eye, one thing that is clear to me, with my ever-growing to-lists is this: I must really do something about my self-discipline. I have noticed that these days, when I get overwhelmed, I freak out. Then I end up not doing all the things I meant to do. Yes, I miss my…

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Life is short. All we have is now

All we have is now life is too short

Life is short. Make every hair flip count. All we have is now. The profound truth that life is short and all we have is now is oddly heart-breaking—to think that this moment we have will never come back makes me feel a bit lost. Does it make you feel that way, too? This week, the world lost a wonderful human being in Kobe Bryant, American basketball player, who was just 41. It was overwhelming to see how much he…

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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

10 minute weightless meditation when you are worried or stressed

When you are worried or stressed try this 10 minute weightless meditation practice

How to practice the 10 minute weightless meditation when you are worried or stressed. I walk on my terrace every evening. I used to go to the lake nearby, but going up two floors and enjoying the open space above me is so much easier. I get to see different kinds of birds—mynas, pigeons, crows, parrots and kites, and the occasional sparrow. It is like they all have a schedule for their space in the skies. It begins with the…

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6 important things to do when you have been in a car accident

6 important things to do when you have been in a car accident

A couple of days back, we had some terrible news. A friend who was traveling with his family was in a car accident. In moments, a happy trip turned into a tragic one. They’re still dealing with it, running around, filing reports, getting their car fixed, getting themselves fixed and chasing insurance. And when the dust has settled, it will take a long time for them to actually recover from the experience. Getting into a car accident is an experience…

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Stunning Poplar Trees Dressed In Green and Gold

Poplar Trees Blue Skies

Each time I visit my son’s campus I am enchanted by the poplar trees dominating the landscaping. And on every visit, I find lots of changes—probably because the gardeners are super-enthusiastic and so creative. They’re constantly working among the plants on the vast campus. I still remember the first time I visited—there were huge patches of multi-colored flower bushes in one corner. From the main gate there was almost half a kilometer of bougainvillea in brilliant purple. Then the next…

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