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Centering Yourself #AtoZChallenge #WednesdayWisdom

Centering: A breathing technique to help you focus, let go of worries and accomplish your goals

In life, we constantly face stressful situations. Right now, even as I adjust the halo around my head feeling super-proud of myself for posting on five blogs for three days in a row (that’s 15 posts, people, and includes the writing, formatting, stressing over images and creating pins and whatnot)—I am truly intimidated about doing this consistently for 27 more days. Really! As much as I love the A to Z Challenge, the stress mounts when work deadlines also loom,…

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Did You Take Out the Trash
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Did You Take Out the Trash

Did you take out the trash? Take a deep breath before you answer, because I am not referring to the trash you are thinking of. Yes, it is important to take out the trash regularly—the trash I am talking…

Slow down Just a Little #mindfulness
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Slow Down Just a Little

“I want it yesterday” I’d be surprised if you said you didn’t receive that answer as a deadline for a task you had to complete. Such is our lifestyle these days. Always in a hurry, always worrying about checking…

What is your excuse
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

What Is Your Excuse? #WednesdayWisdom

It’s the time of year—nay—month—when we dust out resolutions old and new and resolve to stick to them, don’t we? Well, while I’ve got goals, I’ve switched from resolutions to habits. Habits stick. Habits require you to be consistent…

Will you live your dash?
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Will You Live Your Dash?

I read The Dash over twenty years ago when a friend sent it to me. I was both excited and overwhelmed at the simplicity and profound meaning within. So much that I wrote and pinned it where I can…