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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Do You Enjoy Keeping Score?

Do you enjoy keeping score #wednesdaywisdom

Keeping score. I believe that a majority of us has a tendency to hold on to things we should have let go of. Over the years, that fear of being judged, that we might be seen as less than we are without the opportunity to speak for ourselves makes us hang on to hurt, pain and let downs. All this gets indelibly embedded in our memory and somewhere, deep within us, it lurks. I know I hold some of these…

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Have you found your sanctuary yet
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Have You Found Your Sanctuary Yet?

“Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Herman Hesse I love the word “sanctuary”. Sanctuary describes a cozy and comfortable place where we can go, relax, ditching…

Charlie Chaplin Poem on Self love #selflove #atozchallenge
#AtoZChallenge Self Love

Self Love

April 16 marked the birth anniversary of one of our most beloved comedians, Charlie Chaplin, who starred in silent films from 1920 to 1950. His iconic mustache and hat, and his humor are his trademarks. He has thrilled millions…

Empty your cup. #mindfulness #atozchallenge
#AtoZChallenge Mindful Living

Empty the cup

I am late today because I had to empty the cup before I wrote this post. There’s this charming Zen story about Nan-in, the Zen master. People visited him from far and near to receive his wisdom. One day,…