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10 Powerful Positive Self Talk Tips #AtoZChallenge #SelfHelp

10 powerful positive self talk tips

I would ask you how often you hear that tiny voice inside your head, playing the role of your inner critic, always being “helpful” by throwing in doubts about your ability…but I think I already know the answer to that. Often, right? And when you need it the least! When all you actually want is encouragement, there’s that squeaky little voice doing the opposite. Negative self-talk can be a literal pain in the rear, holding you back from achieving what…

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10 tips to get back to your happy place #happiness #selfhelp
Self Love

10 tips to help you get back to your happy place

Have you heard of the medieval practice of torturing people by being “drawn and quartered”? This outdated technique, which was intended to inflict great amounts of pain on its victims by pulling their bodies in different directions, has long…