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  • Dadirri Deep listening #atozchallenge #collectingsmiles
    Mindful Living

    Dadirri #AtoZChallenge

    Dadirri. inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. Almost everyone, with very few exceptions, will agree that Nature has the power to heal. Spending a little time with her is perhaps…

  • Cozy slippers Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Cozy Slippers #AtoZChallenge

    Do you have a pair of cozy slippers? Slippers you are really fond of? Those cushy ones, or maybe tattered ones you just can’t let go of, because they feel like…

  • Gratitude Circle January 2017 Vidya Sury

    Smiling in Gratitude

    I started the year determined to focus on the good stuff and that, to me, meant minimizing time spent online. I took time to stand and stare. I am also on…

  • Taking time to do nothing Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Taking Time To Stand and Stare

    “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.” I learned that poem by W.H.Davies in school and loved it. For some reason it…

  • 6 proven steps to instant happiness

    6 proven steps to instant happiness

    I’ll bet that almost each one of you went into reflection mode in the last week of December, 2016 to take stock of the year gone by and contemplated—maybe even evaluated…