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Rediscovering eco-friendly multi-purpose flour sack towels

by Vidya Sury February 11, 2018 6 comments
10 creative ways to use flour sack towels #DIY #Crafts #ecofriendly

I’ve been sorting out my closets (yes, plural) and have been gathering the multitude of cloth bags I’ve collected over the years. Some came with clothes I bought while I’ve sewn quote a few. They are solid multi-tasking items and I put them to a variety of uses from gift wrapping, packing precious stuff, creating works of art by painting on them, wall pieces, and emergency hand bags and so on. In a pinch, I even use them as hand towels, because of the absorbent fabric.  I’ve got my own status levels for these hard-working bags. Of course, my Mom simply called them flour sack towels thanks to their original purpose. Pure throwback.

Did you know flour sacks have been around for ages when one bought milled flour in bulk as part of their household groceries? We had them in different materials, depending on what they stored. And besides being used as flour sacks, they were eco-friendly and reusable in many other ways—just as I am doing now. Sometimes they were cut into smaller pieces of cloth. Sometimes we painted on them to create pretty keepsakes. My aunts embroidered them.

Whatever the use, they are amazing recyclable and environment friendly products that are super-useful. Of course, today I don’t know anyone who buys bulk flour in sacks. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve managed to hold their place thanks to their utility.

As a matter of fact, they are now available in many different colors and prints. Normally, people use flour sack towels as a simple cleaning tool, usually as a dish towel for their kitchens. However, I personally think their utility has been greatly underestimated as they can do much beyond that.  Here are some of the interesting and creative ways in which I use my own set of flour sack towels. Yep, my Mom would be so proud I am carrying on the tradition.

And yes, Valentine’s Day is not far—so get cracking on these ideas already!

  1. Wrap a Gift for a Loved One

Get creative with a flour sack towel and make your present stand out because gift wrapping papers are too main stream. Also, these are reusable. Of course the way you present your gift makes all the difference. Not only are these flour sack towels more economical than most paper crafting materials used for gift wraps, but they also look unique and classy. Feel free to embellish your wrapping creativity with twigs, buttons and other stuff to make it prettier.

Lovingly wrap a wine bottle or that special box with that special something in it for your loved one to make it elegance personified.Enjoy hours of craft with flour sack towels

  1. Personalized Tote Bag

This happens to be one of my favorites. If you are a fashionista who loves to stand out and make your own fashion statement, a little DIY effort can result in a classy personalized tote bag for yourself. Just cut the pattern and stitch it up. You can customize your tote bag by embroidering your name on it and embellishing it with colorful buttons and ornaments. The material and make of flour sack towels makes stitching and embroidering over them super easy even for beginners. Too lazy? Just slap on an applique and you’re good to go!Embroider your flour sack towels

  1. Create Your Own Wall Décor

If you love arts and crafts then you will fall in love with this hack. Cover a canvas with a flour sack towel using a Glue Gun, Then create a beautiful wall art for your living space using die cuts, distress inks, flowers and other craft materials and place this rustic piece of personalized artwork in your house or workspace. Or gift it to some special. You can bet all eyes will be drawn to this masterpiece.

  1. Dining Room Supplies

Back to the utilitarian! Flour sack towels can be used to create a super stylish set of dining room supplies for your dining room. Cut the flour sack towels out and create a table runner, coasters for your tea cups, table napkins, and bread basket liners. Add an extra touch of your signature creative by cutting twigs out of the towel sheets and tie a knot on each of your cutlery. Try it out the next time you throw a tea party and your guests will be beyond impressed.Flour sack towels can be turned into pretty dining table decor

  1. Windows and Glass Cleaner

Getting windows and household glass cleaned is one of the most tedious jobs. Most materials used for cleaning the glass end up leaving streaks making them look untidy and leaving you frustrated. The fact that flour sack towels are lint fee and super absorbent makes them an excellent tool for cleaning glass. For best results don’t forget to use a good glass cleaning liquid spray.Flour sack towels make great glass cleaners

  1. Protect Your Dishes and Cutlery

Just like windows and glasses, flour sack towels make an excellent tool for cleaning dishes and cutlery because of their lint free material. The material makes it a great tool for polishing silverware leaving them shiny and clean. You can also use them to protect your crockery by placing a sheet of flour sack towel in between the dishes so that they don’t get cracks and scratches and remain squeaky clean.

  1. Line Your Refrigerators

It is inevitable to get food spilled on your refrigerator racks and getting it cleaned is a messy job. Use flour sack towel sheets to line your refrigerator racks. Just remove them and wash them or replace them with new sheets whenever they get messy and save yourself from wasting time and energy.

  1. Keep Your Food Piping Hot

If you have cooked your meal and want it to remain piping hot till you are ready to serve it, a flour sack towel can come to your rescue. Dish out your food in a pot. Then use a damp flour sack towel to line the lid of your pot and close the pot tightly. Eat your food super fresh and piping hot when you want.

  1. Organize your closet

Ever get annoyed when smaller garments get mixed up? I am referring to the random sock or undie getting buried among the straps and other stuff. I use a flour sack towel to keep socks, handkerchiefs, scarves, and undergarments separate and easy to find.

  1. Easy packing organizer

Like a Girl Scout, I am always ready to travel and these flour sack towels come to my rescue—whether I have to pack that special outfit separately or keep my suitcase organized. Undergarments in one bag, night suit in one, accessories in one… you get the idea. Put it all together and the packing is easy.

See? One flour sack towel and almost unlimited use. Oh, they make great eco-friendly cloth diapers too!

Do you use flour sack towels? I’d love to know how. And the Earth will thank you!

10 creative ways to use flour sack towels #DIY #ecofriendly #reusable #recyclable

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Induchhibber February 13, 2018 at 6:41 pm

A post after my own heart.I too love to find new uses for different discarded items,and your suggestions are prolific.

Birgit February 13, 2018 at 8:16 pm

We don’t use flour sacks because our flour comes in paper. We do take old towels, pajamas, t-shirts etc…and make rags out of them which can be used for cleaning. We have tons and never think of just throwing that out until they disintegrate. Hope you are feeling better

Darla M Sands February 14, 2018 at 9:16 pm

This reminds me of my maternal grandmother, though I honestly don’t recall if they were really flour sacks she used or not. Hmmm… With Mom gone, I can’t ask. I doubt Dad would know. ~grin~ You gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling, regardless. Thank you!

Nigel William February 18, 2018 at 3:09 am

Do you have templates available to use? I love the printing of the sacks.

Happy Hiller February 25, 2021 at 8:00 pm

So many great ideas! Thank you!

Robbie B. Cuellar July 26, 2021 at 2:57 am

Very Lovely & Useful For US…
Thank you …
🙂 happy to read this post


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