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5 ways to practice listening mindfully #AtoZChallenge #Mindfulness

5 ways to practice mindful listening

Listening is a somewhat lost art these days as most people are engrossed with their screens. Then there’s instant messaging that doesn’t require you to speak. Very convenient, but you have to admit it feels a lot better to listen to voices when you have a conversation. Of course, listening is a natural skill all of us have. But not everyone actually uses it. Not everyone is “present” when someone is talking. The mind wanders. Or we are busy trying…

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5 easy ways to make your travel stress-free and happy right away

5 easy ways to make your travel worry-free and happy

Traveling through India has always been a journey that can take anywhere from mere hours to multiple days, depending on your starting point and ultimate destination. For those who are out there to explore, there is so much to…