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11 Most Common Botched DIY Projects – You Should Avoid Doing These Yourself

by Vidya Sury January 13, 2023 1 comment
11 Most Common Botched DIY Projects

I live for DIY projects and would be the first to admit that starting a new DIY project can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but let’s not pretend this is always the case.

As I have discovered, exciting new projects can easily turn into something overwhelming and unpleasant when there are money restrictions, time restraints, and setbacks due to inadequate instruments.

In these situations, you can produce a wide range of negative feelings, which is why it is usually worth hiring a local builder to do the jobs for you.

When I think back on all the DIY projects I have watched my uncles tackle during my childhood and then helped them when I was old enough to do, I have a hilarious list of tasks that gave us the most problems.

And I am about to tell you about the most common botched DIY jobs. Sure, we laugh about these when we reminisce, but back then, it was not funny. In hindsight, I realize we should have hired a professional.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

11 Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

1. Upgrading Lighting

As DIY projects go, installing new lighting is significantly different from changing a lightbulb. It may seem like a no-brainer to install your new light fixtures yourself to save money, but a lot can go wrong when working with electricity.

If the prospect of receiving an electric shock isn’t enough to make you hesitate, the idea of having to pay for expensive repairs in the future should. To avoid needing an emergency electrician, this job should be left to the specialists unless spending the night without electricity appeals to you. NOT, I think!

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

2. Electrical Work

As much as I enjoy DIY projects, I draw the line when it comes to electrical work. The tasks that require expert assistance the most involve updating, upgrading, or installing electrics. If done poorly, they might start a fire or cause harm or even death. Not fun!

Some electrical projects require local authority building control approval and must adhere to part-P rules—certainly not DIY projects!

It is always advisable to hire a tradesperson who is a part of a “competent person’s scheme” since they can sign the work off themselves, saving you the trouble of contacting the local authority.

To ensure the electrical systems in all homes are secure and up to code, you must complete an electrical installation condition report (EICR) every ten years.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

3. Plumbing Repairs

I usually tackle simple plumbing repairs at home. But the main issue arises when leaks are visible; when we refer to plumbing, we are not referring to replacing a shower head or a tap. And believe me, if there is a way out, water will find it.

I remember how we returned home from a trip and were shocked to find our bathroom wall soaking. Turned out there was a leak from one of the concealed pipes—something we could not deal with by ourselves.

Even the slightest leak, if not detected in time or addressed properly, can cause immense amounts of harm. Poor plumbing can quickly cost you thousands of pounds compared to electrical repairs without putting your life in danger.

4. Repairing Your Roof

Even if replacing a few roof shingles isn’t the most difficult task, working at a height and hauling your tools may be dangerous. The likelihood of harm or death is too risky when fixing the roof of a home than the shed’s roof. Hiring a local builder is always advised whenever something needs to be fixed.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

5. Tearing Down a Wall

Even though you may have taken down a garden wall or a shed, this does not permit you to remove an internal wall in your home. It might seem simple, but removing a load-bearing, for instance, could cause your house to collapse or the floor to sag above. Can you imagine that?

In addition, no one who is not a professional builder should attempt to complete flawed structural modifications since they can compromise the integrity of the entire house.

6. Moving Gas Appliances

Despite how simple it may seem, moving gas appliances is something you should only attempt if you are a qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Like water, gas will eventually find a leak. A seemingly straightforward DIY project could result in accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, which kills more people each year than you probably realize.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

7. Removal of Asbestos

If you are renovating or remodeling, depending on when your house was built, there’s a significant chance that asbestos, which can be found in tiled floors, siding, insulation, or pipe wrap, will come up.

Therefore, the FDA advises engaging an asbestos-abatement specialist to handle any asbestos removal or repairs.

Even materials containing asbestos that aren’t damaged or disturbed could present a health danger. In addition, these experts can handle asbestos work safely since they have the necessary gear and ventilation equipment.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

8. Tree Cutting

Think twice before attempting to remove a tree from your property. Arborists, which include experts in tree removal, have hazardous work.

In addition to the possibility of property damage, they also have to worry about neighboring electrical lines and possibly falling debris from dead trees.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

9. Tiling Jobs

Tiling is among the list of DIY projects and all the rage, with all the ready-to-use materials available. While it may seem like a creative way to save money to tile your bathroom or kitchen, if things go differently than you expect, it might end up costing you much more.

It’s also important to only do this if you truly know what you’re doing. Tile jobs gone incorrectly may cost homeowners a lot of money as the race to the finish line approaches.

Most tile installation issues revolve around the preparation work, such as uneven walls, unlevel floors, inadequate screeding, or screed, which needs more time to cure and dry out.

It’s wise to purchase extra tiles when you acquire them in case you need to replace them later. Also, remove the grout surrounding a damaged tile before replacing it if you want to avoid damaging nearby tiles.

Achieving a good, polished finish is challenging if you’ve never tiled or grouted. And as soon as someone enters the house to purchase it, they’ll want to completely renovate it and anticipate that the asking price will decrease.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

10. Carpet Installations

Although installing a carpet may seem simple like one of the most simple DIY projects, it demands a great deal of focus and accuracy. Additionally, if one little detail is off, you can wind up with a carpet that doesn’t cover the entire space.

As a result, the floor would have frayed edges and a generally unappealing appearance. In light of this, hiring a pro is advisable to lay your carpet for you.

Most Common Botched DIY Projects You Should Avoid Doing Yourself11. Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are becoming more and more common among homeowners who are remodeling their homes. However, the truth is that converting your loft is a complex task and may not be a DIY project. Hiring the correct specialist to lend an extra pair of hands will ensure your safety and the safety of your home.

The specialist must first examine your house to check for any indications of asbestos. After that, the proper building work that the industry has approved must be carried out to prepare your home for the new addition.

As you can see, DIY projects can quickly become overwhelming if you do not have the expertise or experience to do them. So, think twice before you begin one. Hiring a professional might save you lots of money in the long run and also keep you safe.

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Carl Gutierrez July 10, 2023 at 6:56 am

Thank you very much for this. While DIY projects can be fun and fulfilling, some home projects are too dangerous and complicated to attempt independently.


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