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Rediscovering eco-friendly multi-purpose flour sack towels

10 creative ways to use flour sack towels #DIY #Crafts #ecofriendly

I’ve been sorting out my closets (yes, plural) and have been gathering the multitude of cloth bags I’ve collected over the years. Some came with clothes I bought while I’ve sewn quote a few. They are solid multi-tasking items and I put them to a variety of uses from gift wrapping, packing precious stuff, creating works of art by painting on them, wall pieces, and emergency hand bags and so on. In a pinch, I even use them as hand…

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Living on a budget Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

Living on a budget can be fun!

With all the recent money talk, and the “me” time I am enjoying, I couldn’t help thinking back on those days when my Mom and I were pretty close to “poor”. Poor in terms of money, mind you –…

eco-living vidya sury
#AtoZChallenge Mindful Living The Red Carpet


It is Day 5 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and I am thrilled to feature my friend Pratibha Pal, founder of PratsMusings, one of the first go-green blogs in India. Pratibha is a stay at home…